A Modest Proposal for the NASA Space Shuttle

  I am always on the lookout for activates to promote Liberty Hill.  A few weeks ago I suggested we build a track for making Television Car and Truck Advertisements; TCTA. You know… the cars and trucks climbing over rocky terrain, splashing through pools of muddy water, dumping large loads of logs into pick-up trucks, and things like that.  Nothing came of that brilliant idea.

            This time I have hit upon a champion plan to put Liberty Hill on the map.  Bob Rook and I were having coffee at the Exxon the other day.  Bob flew F-4’s for the Navy and is writing a book on guided missiles that are on display at White Sands Guided Missile Proving Grounds.  This led to a spirited discussion of NASA’s Space Shuttle program ending soon.  He said that the Space Shuttle Enterprise is now at the Smithsonian.  The other three shuttles are to be displayed around the country.  The Atlantis will go to Kennedy Space Center, the Endeavour will be installed at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, the Enterprise that is now at the Smithsonian will be moved to the Intrepid Sea-Air Space Museum in New York City, and the Discovery placed at the Smithsonian.  They have snubbed Texas.

            But I have a plan to change that and give Texas the honor it deserves.  We will have a fundraiser down town on Main Street. We will raise moneys to send a group of lobbyist to Washington to urge NASA to send one of the Space Shuttles to Liberty Hill. I think we can persuade our mayor, Michele Murphy, and our Mayor Pro-Tem, Mike Crane to take the job. They can get it done.  We will even send an alternate, John Steel to help if things get a little tough.   With all this moving around, it should be easy to get them to land one of the shuttles on Highway 29 along about Seward Junction.  We will get PEC to remove overhead wires and signal lights for a few minutes so the shuttle can land.  Shucks, the thing is only 58 feet tall, 78 feet wide and 122 feet long.  I bet we can get Pete Kauffman to pull the shuttle to the Lion’s Park with his International-Harvester farm tractor.  Wouldn’t that be a site to see?    

            I can imagine it now, the Space Shuttle, all shinny bright, with NASA painted on the sides, sitting on the playing field, across from the library.  We can build a snow cone stand for summer visitors, and a hot tamale shack for the winter folks. We would attract citizens all the way from Hutto to Burnet and from Kyle to Salado.  Wouldn’t take long to pay off the 28 million dollar price tag the government wants for each Space Shuttle.










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