Conclusion of Three Girls and MC II



          The “Three Girls,” Connor, Kenna, and Hannah sat on the edge of the bed with their heads in their hands; dejected, and lost.  They had worked so hard for weeks, had a pile of Christmas gifts to deliver, and no one to help them.

          “This is Christmas Eve, and I don’t see what we can do,” said Hannah.

          “ I so wanted to see their faces when we brought them a gift on Christmas Eve,” said Kenna.  “It’s already getting late.”

          Suddenly Connor jumped up and with an excited squeal said, “I know.  We will go see MC II; the old magic carpet in the attic.”

          With a rush all three raced up the attic steps and flipped on the light, and found MC II rolled up, leaning against the wall. 

          “Hurry, lets get him unrolled and see if he will help us.”

          “What!  Who is it?  Oh, it’s you three girls again.  What do you want now,” MC II, the magic carpet said.

          The girls explained what they needed.

          “Young ladies I am getting old and tattered.  I am not sure I can do all that.  See that tear?  And the worn hole here in my body. I don’t know about that,” the magic carpet grumbled.

          “You just lie there MC, I am going to dads shop and I will be back quick with a roll of duck tape and we will fix you up like new,” said Connor.

          They duck taped him all over in spite of his grumbling.  “There,” said Connor,
” I bet you can fly now.”

          MC fluttered, finally rose a few feet off the floor and fell back with a thud.  “Well I could carry you three girls, but I don’t think I can lift a load of gifts,” said the magic carpet.

          “OK, MC, take us to Mrs. Diane Yarbrough’s house out county road 288.  She can repair anything from China dolls to magic carpets.  She will have you repaired and flying like new in little or no time,” said the three girls.

          They fley along, hardly above the treetops, to the Yarbrough’s just as the sun was about gone from Christmas Eve.  Mrs. Diane invited them in and heard their problem. 

          She said, “John you get these girls a treat while I sew this old rug’s tattered tail, and repair the worn spots.  We will have him flying again soon.”

          With a hearty laugh MC II lifted the girls up easily, made a couple of swoops around the Yarbrough house and yelled “Thanks Mrs. Diane. I feel great.”

          They soon had all the gifts loaded on the magic carpet and away they flew to the first delivery.  What a thrill it was to see the joy in the face of “Old Man Smith” as the girls handed him a Christmas gift.  And Mrs. Jones, the next stop, was so excited she forgot to say thank you.  Away they flew and soon all the gifts were delivered.

          The girls were excited at having completed their project successfully they burst into song, “O Little Town Of Bethlehem.”   On the flight back to their home, they looked down on their “Little Town” and marveled at how pretty it glistened in the frosty air with   Christmas lights.

          “Hey, look at that,” said Kenna.  “There is a car stalled on the side of the road.  The hood is up and steam is swirling around.” 

          A mile or so further on they saw a young couple briskly walking along the road.  They were unusually dressed in full flowing, brightly colored cloths that were draped around their bodies and over their heads.  They looked for all the world like “Mary and Joseph.” 

          MC flew down and stopped with a screech at their side.  The girls asked if they had trouble and did they need any help.

          “Our car could go no further, and we are supposed to be in the Church play tonight.  Could you get us there?”   

          “Hop on and hold tightly,” said MC II.  “I think I can handle the weight if you all will sing some more.”

          On the way to Church, they sang, Oh Holy Night, and Silent Night, and Away in the Manger, and all the lovely Christmas songs.  Even MC joined in, singing with a hearty bass.

          Flying home, MC made a grand fly-over of down town Main Street, singing out with three silvery voices and one deep bass, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all good night.”



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