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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

The Red Rooster and the Dominecker Hen

Old men like to give advice. Now I don’t know just how old you need to be to be in that august body of sages but I know I am approaching that time. Young men see us running around with no place we have to be, driving expensive cars and playing at work, and wonder just how we got here. But I have yet to have one to come to me and ask. I have been practicing just what I would tell them. Something like, “hard work” seems too evident. “Keep your nose to the grindstone, and your ear to the ground” seems silly. Can you imagine getting any work done in that position? An early American named Benjamin suggested, “Early to bed and early to rise—-“ and that may be good advice.

One suggestion might be to look at other men and see how they got there. Like Bill Gates. He fits the mold of success. He saw a need, got quickly to the heart of the business and struck fast. There are better operating systems but he was there first.

The early American canal system was to move products and produce from the outlands to the cities, but they dilly dallied around until the railroads got on the job and overnight put the canals out of business. What a roaring success the railroads became and still move most of the freight around the country. That worked successfully.

Michael Dell got an idea. Build computers in your dorm room and sell on the phone, now the internet. It was soon evident to the young student really didn’t need to know any more Roman history and he quit school and has been building PC’s ever since.
I think he can now drive any car, work any time, and eat at any restaurant he wants. That spells success.

I wondered if some of these things might be some of the advice us old men might be able to pawn off on youngsters, should they ask for advice. But these ideas seem a little clumsy and hard to get past the “Yeay, but—–“ Pondering this question I found myself out by the chicken pen. I sat on a stump waiting for the inspiration to unfold so I could run through the streets yelling eureka! I have found the answer! By chance, I heard the Red Rooster and the Dominicker Hen talking. She said, “ You know rooster, I have laid eggs all over this pen. I even layed one on the roof but it splattered on the ground. I want to lay an egg where no hen has layed one before.” I eased closer for I felt I may be in on a historic act of nature. The Dominicker Hen said, “I want to lay an egg in the middle of that road out there.” Red Rooster looked surprised and taken aback, but he soon regained his composure and said, “Little Hen, let me give you a piece of advice. Do it quick, lay it on the line, and don’t hang around to cackle!”

I ran from the pen and almost yelled eureka. For this advice fits the problem just fine. So if any youngster ever comes to me asking for advice of how to become successful I will tell him what the Red Rooster told the adventurous Dominicker Hen,
“Be quick, lay it on the line, and don’t hang around to cackle.

19 June 2005


Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

And all this time you didn’t think winter would ever get here. I didn’t either. With summer
just hanging around like a mangey old dog asleep on the porch I could not believe it would
ever get cooler than 70. But it did. It was 39 here this morning. But I fooled the old man. I
moved all my potted flowers into the greenhouse yesterday. Today they look great and the
cold can just keep blowing around the corner, looking for a crack into the warm, sunny safe
place for the blooming plants. Now while winter rages, I can visit “the house” and enjoy
what was saved from summer all winter long.
I trust you have a warm, sunny safe place to stay this winter.

New Earth to Plough

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

Being a little older than most of you out there, this is a new world to me. However, I will
try to keep up with you fast running guys and gals. For starters may I send you all a
flower to brighten your day.