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Love Story

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

He was a tall angular man with a shy grin. He said he only knew about hogs, dog, and bees. Well he did in fact know about those things. But he knew many other things as well. Many things. Like castles, and stars and oceans and history and math. Fact was town folks felt he knew just about everything because of all the books he read constantly. But he rarely spoke. Some said he talked at the pool hall that was on the west side of the square. But most of us never heard him speak at all. He dressed in fresh washed kakias and knee high boots. His straw hat had seen better days but it was plain to see it had many more to go before retirement. He worked hard and tended to his business diligently. He liked coming to town and hanging around the feed store and pool hall, but rarely talked. Most folks said he was a shy man and when cornered with the question about talking he just said, “I’ll let you know later.”

She was the new school teacher. Pretty and petite she came to town talking. Her beauty gave her permission to speak to everyone and she did. She talked of kids and school, church and pie suppers and seemed to know how to get things done. Soon she had the whole town visiting school each month for the socials she organized. The women came to enjoy talking to her and the men came just to stare and eat the fixings. Most had never seen such a beauty, or if they had it was long ago and far away. She had a way of fixing that raven hair so it fairly glistened the light. The dresses she wore fit all the right places and was the color of fall leaves. Her laughter sounded like silver bells at church on Easter morning and she had a way of using it to punctuate what she said. And she said plenty. It she had not been so pretty some would have been piqued at how much she talked.

Some of the boys at the feed store tricked him into going to one of the socials at the school house. He enjoyed the view and food, but he said nothing. But at the next social he was there. He stood in the corner with that shy grin and apple pie all over his face and said nothing. He got some teasing from the boys at the feed store and pool hall. He took the ribbing good naturedly, but said nothing. The next month he was at the school social. She held court and talked to all. Then looking at him directly she asked about some problem in math encountered that day. He mouthed some word or two but no sound came.

Quickly, like a flash of lighting on a summer night she reached out and took his hand to lead him to see something in one of the class rooms. He didn’t say anything. But he didn’t release the hand either. Soon they were outside walking around the school yard. Her laughter lighted the way and soon he was talking. He told her of blue fields of flax in England. He spoke of red poppies in France and chateau’s in Germany. He named the constellations and pointed out special stars. She listened. Perhaps for the first time. He told of tigers and elephants and coyotes and prairie dogs. He described the bluster and cold of the north wind off the pole and oppressive heat at the equator. And he talked and talked but he never let go of that little hand. Like a pent up frozen river in the Yukon at thaw time he talked on and on. And she listened.

In fact over the years since, he has rarely released her hand nor quit talking.

Great News

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

Olivia’s Flag
August 31, 2006 Our first Great Grand Child,
Olivia Susan Baker,
Was born to Sarah and Zach Baker.
All we did was run the pink towel up the flag pole
in honor of her arrival,
a long tradition of the Baker Bunch