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Happy Birthday Uncle Sam

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Today is the Fourth of July. Happy Birthday, United States of America! Two hundred and thirty one years ago today a squalling baby nation was brought into life as the brave men signed the Declaration of Independence. It had been a rough road getting to this day. And my what troubled days lay ahead. It took a lot of strong leadership, and a lot of blood to get the “new kid on the national block” into adulthood. But they did it! Through the years this nation has had many ups and downs. Many troubles have beset this nation, but always, with much hard work, sweat, tears and yes even more blood, we have over come them all.
Many years ago, I was out of the country for longer than I liked. The voices on the streets grated on my ears. The customs seemed strange and difficult to understand. The laws of this land seemed unusual and convoluted. I yearned to be home where I could know what was being said, and done. I began, perhaps for the first time, to understand what a great nation we live in. As my flight home began its slow, low approach to the runway I spied, out the window, our flag. Those stars and stripes, fluttering in the breeze, looked like heaven. Our flag seemed to be saying, “Welcome Home son.” And, indeed, it felt like heaven when I stepped off the plane and embraced again this land of freedom and opportunity.
Today we seem to have our hands full with many and varied troubles. Few seem to have an answer to the travails that face us. However we are not short on men and women who would like to have the chance to solve these dilemmas that beset us. It is now our task, and duty, to pick a set of leaders to guide us through the darkness. You know what? I have faith we will find the right leaders that will solve these problems and will over come them all. We will scale these troubled mountains and stand on the summit again. We will be able to see the shining future stretch out and across the valley below. Happy Birthday Uncle Sam.