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Betty’s Birthday

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Frank Taylor awoke early that morning on the farm. As he was going to take care of the animals he remembered tomorrow was his wife, Betty’s birthday. He was proud of himself. Often, in the past, he had forgotten. “But with money short this spring how am I going to get her a nice gift?” he mused.

Later that morning at M&L Pharmacy, picking up a filled prescription, Frank noticed Betty looking at a necklace in the jewelry department. Carola, the sales lady, was showing her a gold chain with a pink stone. Frank could tell Betty asked the price of the necklace. He also knew Betty had thought to herself, “No, we can’t afford that.”

On the way back to the farm Frank hatched a plan. “Betty, I will be out most of the day,” he said. “I am going to load up a few sacks of pecans we picked up last fall, into that old trailer and sell them to folks from the side of the road.” Now Frank’, you know you are not a salesman,” Betty said. “Besides, who would stop to buy pecans, from a trailer on the side of the road?” “We will see,” Frank replied.

Frank hitched the trailer to his pickup and loaded four burlap bags of pecans. He chose one sack of Burkets, one sack of Chocktaw, and two sacks of Cheyanne pecans; the best ones his orchard had produced. He drove west of town until he found a wide place beside the highway where folks could easily park. He unhitched the trailer, nailed up a sign reading, “New Crop Pecans For Sale.” He parked his pick up near the fence where he could enjoy the shade of a post oak tree. He sat in his pick up and waited. Cars and trucks whizzed by, but none stopped. He counted cars as they sped by. None stopped. The early spring sun climbed to its zenith and started the down side. No cars stopped. Then one old, rattletrap car slowed. To slow. Immediately Frank saw to his left a great eighteen-wheeler approaching fast. At the same instant to his right he spied another freighter approaching even faster. The trucker to his left had only a moment to make a choice; hit the other trucker head on, hit the slow car in the rear, or take his gigantic rig to the ditch. He chose the ditch. BAM, the trucker hit Frank’s pecan loaded trailer full broadside. Pecans, burlap bags, and trailer were splintered, rolled, crumbled and dragged fifty yards down the right of way.

The truck driver hurried back and was relieved no one was hurt. He paid Frank for all the pecans and the destroyed trailer.

Frank hurried home and called to his wife, “Get dressed Betty; I’m taking you out for dinner at Hobo Depot tonight to celebrate your birthday” he said.
“Did you sell some of your pecans”, Betty asked.
“I sold them all… and the trailer too.” Frank replied. “And before dinner, we have to make a quick stop at M&L Pharmacy”.