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Georgetown Red Poppy Festival

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

This past weekend Georgetown held it’s annual “Red Poppy Festival.” A grand parade, with all the pretty girls, handsome men, prancing horses and, marching bands, were there to stir the spectator’s hearts. An old fashioned street dance was well attended and enjoyed by all.
The festival was a great success, a little damp Sunday morning, but still a great success. Food is always popular at any celebration such as this, and there was plenty available. Guest could eat “off-a-stick, or sit down to gracious dinning.
A “Miss Georgetown” pageant was held, and no more beautiful ladies could have been found anywhere. Picking a winner must have been a difficult, but pleasant task.
Guitar Hero competition was open to youngsters, as well as adults. Looked like all had fun: those in competition and well as those in the audience. A 5-K walk-run was held and attracted many participants as well as cheering crowds. One celebration I was able to avoid was the “Bike Ride.” Even the shortest ‘ride’, only 14 miles, would have gotten me into a rocking chair for weeks. However many entered the 30 mile, 45 mile, and even the 62 mile event. I trust all had fun peddling around our beautiful countryside.
Wolf Ranch had a showing of the classic movie, “Casablanca” under the stars. It was a beautiful setting, and a most entertaining way to watch a most delightful movie from years gone by. I hope you had the opportunity of seeing “Bogie and Lauren” again.
If you were looking for one word to describe the “Red Poppy Festival,” this year you would pick, MUSIC. Music was everywhere, and all kinds.
Bluegrass, Jazz, Latin, and Swing music was provided. Countrybilly, Classic Country, and Western as well as symphonic music were available. In the music category we must mention Ballet, Square Dancing, Folk Dancing, as well as Cloggers. There was something for everyone’s taste.
The “Car Show” attracted a lot of visitors. There were old classics as well as many new, fancy, cars for the guys and gals to view. Some were even full of gasoline, which is becoming a show all by its self.
I got to wondering about a poppy festival here in the middle of Texas. How did this come about, I mused. I ran into John Steel down town yesterday and asked him. He said that during World War I Henry Compton, from Georgetown, joined the 36th Army Division and was sent to France. There he was in the thick of the battles in and around Ypres, France. In spite of the carnage he experienced Henry was impressed with the fields of red poppies in the area. A major, John McCrae, had written the soon to become famous poem, “In Flanders Field” about the poppies. Henry gathered a Bull Durham tobacco sack of the poppy seed to bring home. Henry gave them to his mother who lived at 507 East 7th street, in Georgetown. Mrs. Compton sowed them in her yard, and they flourished. She shared the seed with neighbors, friends and anyone that wanted them. From that beginning, the Texas Legislature has since declared Georgetown the,” Red Poppy Capitol of Texas”, and you and I can enjoy the fun, food, and games of the “Georgetown Red Poppy Festival.” And we may also enjoy the many yards, and fields full of beautiful red poppies.