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Advice for our Granddaughter’s Marriage

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011



Greetings to family and friends.  What a beautiful wedding we have just witnessed.  The bride is a beautiful, intelligent, hardworking young lady. We are happy she looks more like Alice and Joyce than her crusty old grandfathers. The groom is a handsome, intelligent, hard working young man.  We are pleased with Hollie’s choice.

            Can you believe it, they have asked for   advice on how to have a long, loving relationship in their marriage.  I don’t believe I have ever been asked that question before.  I have been asked how to grow large, delicious tomatoes.  I have been asked how to have a lovely yard, full of flowers, and well-manicured lawn.  I was once asked where to dig for fishing worms and where to go to catch a string of fish.  I don’t guess he had much luck…he never asked again.

            But being asked for marriage advice   got me to thinking.   Are they serious?     However, in truth, it has been a grand adventure, for 60 years, and I would not trade it for anything.  Looking around, I can see that Alice has managed to make it a memorable journey.

            Well, I took the question at face value, went down into the meadow, to my thinking tree, to contemplate the universe and our granddaughter’s question of marriage advice.  The grass has braved the early spring days, and given me a green carpet sit on. A few flowers have begun to show their faces, and fill the air with their fragrance, and a gentle breeze tussled the leaves of my thinking tree.  As I fully expected, the answer came.  No, there was not a bolt of lightening, nor clap of thunder, or even a voice from the void.  The answer came quietly, with the warm feeling of success.  I do not have any advice for our grand daughter, for no mortal man can know, or handle that wisdom. Sorry, Hollie Gail.  But I have a few words for our future grandson-son-in-law.

            Five words in fact.  The first two are important, and cover a great deal of space in the life of a married couple.  The first two words are, “Yes Dear.”   Kevin, when your lovely bride says to you, “Mind the bicycler” your only answer is, “Yes Dear.”  Or when she asks, “Please take out the trash,” you must reply, “Yes Dear.”  If you can keep your head and remember these two words, you and your wife’s life will be a breeze.

            The next three words to remember are, “You’re probably right.”  It may be a good idea to have these words tattooed on your inner arm for quick reference.  When she says, “You should have turned right at the   signal light,” you must learn to say, “You’re probably right.”  Or when you have a car radiator overheated, and she asks, “Do you need more air in the tires?” you must check your tattoo and say, “You’re probably right.”  If you will learn to use these five simple words, “Yes Dear, you’re probably right,” you will also, some day, be celebrating your 60’th wedding anniversary.